Monday, June 4, 2007

Find Hip Baby Clothes at Tiny Revolutionary!

Looking for baby clothes that make a statement? Well, Tiny Revolutionary not only celebrates the modern family, but helps teach kids to celebrate their individuality and approach the world with a kind spirit and sense of social responsibility.

Their shirt designs are creative, innovative and a breath of fresh air! The phrases on the shirts are very clever and really address what is going on today.

Brianna sported her new Tiny Revolutionary shirt to a family picnic over the weekend and everyone loved it! The shirt said "My Mommy Doesn't Dig the Gold, She Makes the Gold" with a picture of a shovel and gold coins. (See below)

Each shirt comes with a description that details the logic behind each phrase. Here's the description for Brianna's shirt - about me making Gold :)

Sure, it made for a killer song hook, but a model to teach our kids about a woman's worth? Maybe not so much. Consider that women now account for almost half the workforce and in 2006, more women than men entered institutions of higher learning. Women have been key executives in business and leaders in government for some time now. Are there Gold Diggers out there? Sure, but there are a whole lot more women makin' it than takin' it. Maybe it's time for a song about them.
The shirt came in a very nice package and the Pima cotton fabric was soft to the touch - and good quality. Their shirt sizes range from 3 months - 4T and are very true to size (so you don't need to order up a size).

The cool thing is that Tiny Revolutionary proudly donates $1 from the sale of each item to charity. You buy 5 items, and they donate $5 bucks. Currently, donations are being made to Infant Crisis Services and Doctors Without Borders, but they also invite you to suggest a charity, too!

Drive a Hybrid

Double the Mommies, Double the Love
I'll Change the World Someday

All Babies are Created Equal

Flower Power

Visit Tiny Revolutionary today for hip, fun baby clothes for progressive families!