Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chic Tips from Liz Lange

Tip One: Make Yourself a Priority
Liz Lange recommends that you schedule at least one hour each week just for you. Go for a quick trip to the mall or get a manicure, but without the kids in tow. If getting out of the house is impossible, then schedule an hour each week for a hot, relaxing bubble bath.

Tip Two: Shop Online
“A new mother once told me that she found the perfect Prada purse while breastfeeding,” says Liz. “That is the beauty of shopping online.” Liz advises that before you begin shopping online, you should familiarize yourself with the sizes and fits of the designer or brand. Once you know how their clothes fit your body, you will virtually eliminate the need for any returns.
New mom's can also shop online for their baby and any of their other children at www.splendid.com. Splendid Littles have the most cozy, luxe onesis and are available for ages 6-12 months thru 7 years old. That will make you a fashionable mommy for sure!

Tip Three: Fashion Swap
To save time and money, Liz suggests that moms get together once a season to swap clothes, shoes and accessories with their friends and family. “Try swapping kid’s clothes and toys too,” says Liz. “It’s not only practical, but it’s fun.”
The Fashion Swap can be more than just clothing...La Loop also has fantastic necklaces with a function for the mom on the go. The necklaces have a loop for you to hang the arm of your eyewear. Now you will have a place to put your glasses while taking care of the new baby or meeting with her friends for the Fashion Swap!

Stay tuned for Stylish Moms Holiday Gift Guide next week!