Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cashmere Baby Blankets!

Want to add a little style to your current baby blanket collection? Imagine your precious little one swaddled in the softest and warmest blanket available. You can do more than dream with an oh-so-soft cashmere baby blanket from The Pashmina Store.

The Pashmina Store, a Texas-based online retailer, announced this week that it will make cashmere baby blankets available to its customers. The blankets are 36" by 36" in size and available in seven colors: pink, blue, yellow, light green, natural, lavender and emerald green.

The 3-ply cashmere baby blankets are handmade in Nepal exclusively for The Pashmina Store and are the same quality as the scarves and wraps for with the store is known. The $59 price point makes them affordable; cashmere baby blankets retail in stores for $200.00 and up. These cashmere blankets are great for your little one or even as a baby shower gift!