Sunday, May 6, 2007

Need a Babysitter? Try Mommy Mixer!

Mommy Mixer is an event that brings together exceptional university candidates and moms who need babysitters. It is designed to be a more time efficient and cost effective alternative to nanny placement services. It is also a place where moms can personally interview a number of candidates within about an hour and leave with a list of potential babysitters.

Simply pay the event fee ($100 for first timers) and get mingling! All moms receive a "nanny notebook" when they arrive at the mixer, which includes resumes of each of the sitter candidates. Moms have the chance to chat with each sitter about their childcare experience and availability.

Many sitter candidates are not only used for babysitting, but many of them act as family-assistants; they are willing to run errands, help you get organized, plan and produce birthday parties, and help with other household activities.

So if you need help 10 hours a week or if you just need an occasional babysitter on hand for a quick break, there are tons of candidates who want help you and your family. Click here for more details and to see if Mommy Mixer is in your area!