Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stylish Moms Giveaway!

Every Stylish Mom deserves a relaxing moment to herself and what better way than a delicious cup of tea!

Srina Tea is like no other --- it has been described as the ultimate relaxation in a cup! It is a tasty, high-quality 100% organic loose-leaf green tea and an eco-friendly, fair trade product, plucked, produced and packaged on a 90-acre, sustainable rainforest in Sri Lanka called Paradise Farm. Srina green tea is grown using eco-friendly principles that create a healthy balance between agriculture and the environment.

Actress Monaqui Porter-Young started Srina after a visit to Sri Lanka where she found Paradise Farm. After four years of studying business, including production, importing, exporting, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, integrative nutrition, distribution and all the aspects of how to run a socially-responsible enterprise, Porter-Young returned to Sri Lanka and started Paradise Community Project. The farmers receive a clean and safe working environment, training toward sustainable development using natural resources and above average wages for the area.

Srina offers two great soothing flavors, Srina Oolong Green Tea and Yung Hyson Green Tea. Each cup is pure delight!

Just for Stylish Moms readers, you have the chance to win your very own Srina Gift Pack!

Everyone that signs up for this contest will receive a free, banana leaf triangle sachet filled with delicious Srina Tea to sample - Click here for additional details and to enter the Stylish Moms giveaway! Once you sample the tea, let me know what you think.