Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dessert without the Calories

I know you are thinking how is that possible – but with the Bath Desserts collection it is!

Bath Desserts is a fun, hip and imaginative company that makes hemp seed oil infused bath and body products and age-defying beauty treatments for the entire body. Hemp seed oil, the key ingredient that makes Bath Desserts unique, contains the perfect ratio of poly-unsaturated essential fatty acids, known for their excellent moisturizing and healing properties.

Their bath collection includes Hemp Seed Oil Sorbet Sugar Scrubs, Fizz Balls, Body Butters, Body Soufflé Lotions, Body Melt Truffles, Lip Butters and Bath Sprinkles – and I will give you the scoop on several of them :)

The first product I used was the Hemp Seed Butter Infused Harvest Sorbet Sugar Scrub. I used it on my legs a few weeks ago and the scrub exfoliated them perfectly. My skin felt very smooth, looked healthy and smelled great.

After the Sugar Scrub, I was ready for the tub products the next night. I filled up my oversized garden tub and tossed in the Hemp Seed Oil Infused Plumeria Fizz Ball. It bubbled away as my daughter and I watched it disappear. As I stepped in and relaxed in the tub, it definitely felt like a pampering session for me. The oil from the ball moisturized my skin and had that great Plumeria fragrance. Another night, I tried the Hemp Seed Oil Infused Plumeria Bath Sprinkles. It also had that great Plumeria fragrance and my body felt like it was rejuvenated.

Each time I had my spa-like bath, I used the Hemp Seed Butter Infused Vanilla Body Butter. It was very rich and a little went a long way. My skin looked healthy, moisturized and refreshed!

My favorite from the collection were the Hemp Seed Butter Infused Mango Body Melt Truffles. They looked exactly like white chocolate truffles (see above), but were loaded with hemp seed butter and mango butter. After my shower, the truffle melted and left my skin deeply moisturized and rehydrated. Each time I used Bath Dessert my entire bathroom smelled amazing and so did I!

All Bath Desserts products are handmade in the United States, are eco-friendly, contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are available in spas, medi-spas and on the Bath Desserts website.

While visiting the site, checkout their NEW children’s line called Bath Desserts Hemp Kidz - which includes the Orange Sherbet and Pink Bubblegum collections.

Stylish Factor: You will enjoy a total pampering and beauty treatment with Bath Desserts products – have fun!

Price: Varies