Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Babysitter PlaceTile

I was delighted to use the new Babysitter PlaceTile recently! It is the perfect tool to keep all the important information for your child's sitter in one location. It also saves you time and ensures that the information will not be misplaced (like sticky notes).

The placetile itself is in a beautiful neutral color and will go with any home decor. It comes with an erasable black marker and you can write the place you will be, phone numbers, doctor info, hospital info, medications (really great when they are sick), allergies and any notes (such as no sweets before bedtime) on it.

My sitter (Michelle) actually loved the idea of having one place to get information for Brianna and it gave her a sense of comfort. I wrote everything out prior to her arrival and kept it up on the fireplace mantel which would keep it visual at all times to Michelle.

The Babysitter PlaceTile is a great asset to both babysitters & moms and will definitely be used for all Brianna's sitters (even Daddy).

It is available online - so grab yours today!