Tuesday, August 28, 2007


As we all know, babies usually do not like the taste of their medicine. When Brianna was younger, I had a challenging time getting her to take medicine with a syringe. The few times I was successful in placing it in her mounth, she would end up spitting it out on her clothes. I thought I was outsmarting her by adding it to her milk, but was always concerned with it being so diluted that it would not be effective. I only wish I knew about this great product back then :)

Invented by a mom, ReliaDose® works with a baby's natural desire to feed, providing an easy and precise way to give medicine to a baby. It can ensure complete and gentle dosing of over-the-counter and prescribed liquid medication, as well as for liquid vitamin/mineral supplementation.

It is comprised of a patented dual-chamber nipple, bottle, and dosing syringe. The dual chamber nipple does not allow for mixing of the medicine from the inner chamber and the bottle liquid from the outer chamber until it enters the baby's mouth. This masks the taste of the medicine while ensuring accurate dosing.

The 2 oz. (60 ml) bottle can be filled with whatever baby likes to drink, such as formula, juice, or milk. The 5 ml syringe, which fits inside the specially designed bottle, allows for medicine to be given at a rate comfortable for the baby while ensuring the right amount of medicine has been delivered.

I used Reliadose® recently for my 9 month old nephew and he had no problem taking his medicine. It was very easy to use, provides accuracy and is designed to be used over and over again. After use, simply separate the parts, wash in warm soapy water, and rinse thoroughly. The components are also dishwasher safe!

ReliaDose® is exclusively manufactured for distribution by Blaine Pharmaceuticals, trusted for more than 50 years to deliver quality products for better health. It is available for purchase online or at your local CVS or Kroger store!

**Recommended for babies 0-18 months and not for use with sterile medications.