Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Living the Dream - Fun Apparel for Moms!

Are you looking for fun apparel that captures the true essence of motherhood? LTD Chix has a great line of t-shirts and tanks for moms like you to select from. Not only do they express what all moms experience on a daily basis, but they do it with a sense of humor!

Each shirt features a fun graphic showing a mom overwhelmed in various situations, but smiling her way through daily life - whether its shopping, vacuuming, cleaning or doing laundry.

See examples below...

LTD Shirts are also available in fashionable colors - lipstick pink, sherbet, light blue, heather grey and many more. I actually had fun wearing my lipstick pink tank top recently while shopping at Ikea. The shirt was very comfortable and caught several glances from other shoppers. It really looked great with a pair of jeans, too.

Get your very own LTD shirt online or by visiting a store near you!