Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bugabike: Learning to Go on Two Wheels

Bugabike, the latest trend in bicycles, has just arrived in the USA and Canada. I was reading this week - studies show that 100% of children who have used a Bugabike, can ride a bike immediately without stabilizers and enjoy the experience.

As we know, learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s milestones, the first step to gaining true independence. For parents, there is no prouder moment than the sight of their own child pedaling away in the distance having mastered its art :)

Learner bikes, such as Bugabike, are the perfect introduction to the world of cycling for youngsters and help to develop this early learning skill. They have been produced for children who are too young to ride a traditional bike. The simple, pedal-less design of learner bikes means children have to power them by pushing their feet against the ground, and use their feet to restore balance. By separating the steering and balance function from the pedaling, children can learn to balance without any other distractions.

Children are natural learners and constantly absorb new experiences. They love to make independent progress and by having a Bugabike, cycling is something they can learn how to master on their own. They will discover how it works, how to keep in equilibrium and how to make it move faster. Within a short time they will have more confidence about staying upright and will soon be coasting with their feet away from the ground.

Let your child discover Bugabike by clicking here.