Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zoobie Pets

My daughter is a big fan of animals because she can identify just about every one of them (Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Zebra, Alligator, Frog and the list goes on). She even decided to be a Lion this year for Halloween and made the cutest roar sound you ever heard. So, imagine our delight to try out a Zoobie Pet!

Zoobie Pets is a mix of creativity and innovation. It is a plush animal, a soft pillow and a warm blanket all in one! Each lovable animal comes with an ear tag and neck collar. They also come in vibrant rich colors and details the essentials of each animal.

Our Zoobie Pet was Mashaka the Monkey. Immediately Brianna gave her red monkey a big hug and cuddled with it for hours. She watched closely as I opened it up to a pillow and then to a blanket. She enjoyed every moment with it in her room, downstairs by the tv, during nap time and on road trips.

Her Zoobie Pet was very, very soft and I know your child will enjoy it for many years. It is the perfect companion!

Stylish Factor: If there is a spill on your Zoobie Pet, don’t worry because the inner blanket is detachable and washable.

See below the three ways you can transform Kojo the Croc:

1 - Plush Animal

2 - Soft Pillow

3 - Warm Blanket