Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Dawn Camisole by Wear Ease®

According to research, more than 2 million American women have been treated for breast cancer. After treatment, have you ever thought about what you should wear after surgery?

Wear Ease® designs and manufactures post-mastectomy lingerie for women to wear after breast or chest surgery.

The Dawn Camisole is a feminine cotton camisole worn home from the hospital after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. The Dawn camisole undergarment offers unique elastic support for the healthy breast and two drainage pouches (front and back). Made of high grade cotton, breathable for all types of climates, with spandex, makes it easy to step into and easy to pull down for dressing changes and doctor exams.

The Dawn Camisole is lightweight, comfortable, soft and pretty and can be worn layered under clothes. Its feminine features include satin lingerie elastic at the neckline and armholes and a bit of lace in the v-front. Two triangular shaped fiber-fill leisure forms provide a natural shape without the weight of a silicone prosthesis or the restraint of a bra.

*Sizes range from extra small to 2X