Saturday, July 14, 2007

Celestial Seasonings - Go Stix™

Celestial Seasonings recently introduced their newest natural drink mix called Go Stix™. It is a fun and flavorful way for kids to get their recommended daily intake of water and tastes great.

Go Stix™ contains half the sugar of leading fruit drinks and are the only 100 percent natural kids’ drink mix fortified with Calcium and Vitamin C. It is caffeine & gluten free and comes in fun flavors like Fruit Punch, Orange Citrus Punch, Triple Berry and Wild Cherry.

Brianna and I had the opportunity to try Go Stix™ recently and absolutely loved them! The packets were easy to open and also easy to prepare. I added it to an 8 oz bottle of water and let Brianna shake it up. I poured it in her sippy cup and she enjoyed it until the last drop! (It has become one of her favorite drinks this week.)

Go Stix™ is the perfect alternative to sodas and juices and can easily be used "on the go" when you travel this summer. They are available either online are at your local shopping stores including Whole Foods Markets, Price Chopper, Shop Rite, Tops, Giant Carlisle, Giant Eagle and Harris Teeter. Each box is retail priced at $2.99 and contains 8 individual packets.

Try them today!