Saturday, July 7, 2007

Suave Tips for Busy Moms!

Are you a busy mom and looking for ways to treat yourself? Suave and four moms has compiled a list of tips for women like us to sneak some pampering - beauty, exercise, relaxation, etc. - back in our busy schedules.


Beauty Tips
I use a foundation that is also a moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one; much easier to apply one item to my face! - Michelle

I use pre-moistened facial wipes to cleanse my face before bed - the wipes are the perfect thing to wash away makeup and so easy to use. - Michelle

Need a little break, schedule a time once a week for Daddy or a relative to play with the kids while you sneak off for a relaxing bubble bath, remember to lock the door. Add some music or read a book. - Barbara

Rub a thick lotion (such as Suave Exhale Calming Lavender Vanilla Lotion ) on your feet and hands, cover with gloves and socks. Kick back and watch a movie or go to sleep. When you wake up your feet and hands will be touchably soft!

While standing at the sink brushing your teeth, do leg lifts (side and back) for a butt and thigh firming work out.

Exercise Tips
I like to rent some exercise videos and get my kids in on the act. Okay, so maybe you won't get through the whole routine, but kids genuinely like to imitate what they see, especially when it involves, jumping, hopping or jogging. We've actually added it to our rainy day routine activity repertoire. – Liz

Stick with it, and, eventually, they will accept it as just part of the household routine. - Elizabeth

Invest in some indoor exercise equipment, or, research ways to get fit at home, if you really can't get out of the house. - Elizabeth

Walking is a wonderful way to stay fit and relax and clear your head. Dad can watch the kids, or have a neighborhood teenager come over for an hour and play with the kids while you take a walk. Have small children, load them in the stroller and take them with you and all enjoy the fresh air together. – Barbara

Hair Care Tips
It will never seem like the right time to spend money on your hair. Do it anyway, you'll be glad you did, and, it can do wonders for your outlook on everything. There are a variety of salons in different price ranges out there, ask friends for a recommendation. - Elizabeth

I take the time that she's in school to try and schedule any appointments like hair cut/style, doctor appointments, and do errands then. It's a lot faster to get done without a 3 yr old tagging along! - Michelle

Child Care Tips
Time for mom does not have to be away from the kids, it is sometimes difficult to get away. Take those moments when playing outside with the kids or taking a walk and listen to a mom podcast (an internet radio show that can be downloaded to a computer), just load up your mp3 player or iPod and enjoy some mom entertainment on the go. - Barbara

Enlist older children to help with the younger ones while you take a few minutes alone, even if you just look at a magazine in the guest room. - Elizabeth

Take advantage of their pride in being a "big brother" or "big sister", and, ask them to "be in charge" of a simple craft project with their younger sibling, or, to start a DVD and feed them a snack. – Elizabeth

Relaxation Tips
Most people don't realize how physically demanding it is to be a mom. That being said, don't wait for someone to pat you on the back or buy you a gift certificate for a spa day. Instead, take matters into your own hands and book yourself a massage. Choose a day/time when your little one can either be dropped off at daycare or call on your mother-in-law. You'll see, she'll be thrilled to have some extra time with the kids and you'll enjoy a well-deserved break. Also, a few of the larger spas or spas connected to health clubs often offer onsite daycare for a small fee. Consider booking your treatment at one of these types of locations. – Liz

My daughter still takes an afternoon nap - I use that as "me" time (which usually means no chores!) to respond to email, read blogs, read a book/magazine, and sometimes just to catch up on a nap myself! – Michelle

To get some "time away" with other moms I joined my local MOPS, International group which meets every other week. It's a welcomed break! I also have a group of ladies that I play Bunco with once a month. - Michelle

In the Kitchen Tips
If I have a busy day, or evening planned, I'll usually plan for dinner in the slow cooker. I get everything ready to go in the morning and don't have to worry about cooking the rest of the day - it's so nice to come home and dinner is done! - Michelle

Why not make a quick, nutritious breakfast for the family and a facemask out of the same ingredients? To exfoliate and deep clean your skin, mix oatmeal (1cup), blueberries (1 cup), honey (1tbsp) and almonds (5-6) in a blender. Spread on your face, set for 10-15 minutes until dry, rinse with warm water and follow with a toner. Breakfast should be easy with these same four ingredients! Prepare the oatmeal for your family, top generously with blueberries, almonds and a drizzle of honey!

While stirring a pot on the stove, grab a heavy kitchen object such as a can or rolling pin. With your free hand, do bicep curls, overhead lifts (from the shoulder to overhead) and tricep curls bend your arm back behind your head and straighten your arm, so the weight moves from behind your neck, past your ear to up in the air and back again).

When moms do take care of themselves, an overwhelming 93 percent say it makes them feel good. Moms who take care of themselves report they feel happier (76 percent), more attractive (76 percent) and more self-confident (72 percent). Furthermore, taking care of themselves made 60 percent feel more feminine and just over half feel like they are setting a good example for their children.

It's taken me a while to realize it, but, in order to care for yourself, you sometimes have to just do it, even when it feels like there are other, more important tasks at hand. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family, and, you are the only one that can make it happen. Sure, there are clothes that need folding, but, there's always clothes that need folding, they'll wait. - Elizabeth