Sunday, July 29, 2007

Febreze Candles - Fill your home with freshness!

Febreze has just introduced their newest member of the freshness family - the Febreze Candle! It is the first candle to feature an advanced odor-eliminating core and has a variety of fresh scents to compliment any room in your home. Scents include Apple & Spice Delight, Vanilla & Refresh, Linen & Sky, Meadows & Rain and Spring & Renewal.

You will love the freshness of the new Febreze Candle! I used it in our family room which is next to the kitchen. Anytime I cooked or chopped vegetables, the candle eliminated the odor and left a fresh & clean scent. My candle was Apple & Spice Delight scent and the aroma was a blend of berries, baked apples, cinnamon spice and vanilla - which smelled great. The candle also created an inviting atmosphere and received many compliments from my family.

Each Febreze Candle comes with up to 30 hours of burn time and is available at your local retail store. Fill your home with freshness today!