Saturday, July 14, 2007


Looking for ways to protect those precious baby knees in style? Check out Dittany Baby’s SkidPants!

They are the perfect accessory to any baby’s outfit. Aside from the look - which can count as being visually stimulating for baby - they are also very practical. SkidPants protect little legs from rug burn, chilly AC drafts and cool outdoor evenings.

They are great for baby's knees that often suffer while learning to crawl and make excellent buffers between skin and the floor as babies stumble while learning to walk. Effective and convenient (because they do not interfere with diaper changing), they keep baby safe from other dangers such as cold weather and the UV rays of the sun.

Whether you are raising a little surfer dude (try the aloha pattern), a precious princess (strawberry shortcake pattern), a future astronaut (space walk pattern), or just want to keep baby matching (solid colors), there is a fun and fashionable SkidPants just for your little one. Additionally, this one-size-fits-all-accessory is available in several different fabrics, including Organic Cotton, New Lightweight Cotton and Fuzzy Lambswool, making it wearable year-round!

SkidPants have become an instant hit with mommies across the country, including one mommy who knows a thing or two about style. That’s right, glamour icon Gwen Stefani made sure her son Kingston, the reigning monarch of Hollywood baby royalty, learned to crawl and walk in SkidPants.

So keep your baby safe and in style with SkidPants!