Monday, July 23, 2007

Snaptotes - the picture perfect handbag!

Have a favorite picture that would look great on a stylish handbag? Check out SnapTotes! This innovative company helps you create your own personalized photo handbags. All you do is select your favorite style of handbag, choose your interior colors and add your favorite picture to it. In about three weeks, you will receive your very own quality custom crafted handbag!

These photo handbags are perfect for capturing memories of your loved ones - especially the kids. Snaptotes has up to 13 styles of bags to choose from and all interiors are made of Bengaline fabric with your choice of black, lime green, red or hot pink on most items. Other handbag options include upgrading to leather handles & piping, and various handbag closures (snap, snap flap or zipper). You can also select either Color, Black & White or Sepia for your handbag photo.

**Below is a Red Interior, Leather Upgrade & Zipper Closure

I recently had Brianna's picture added to their Clutch/Wristlet and the online process was very simple. Her image was crisp & clear and the handbag was constructed of high-quality, durable micro fiber. I chose hot pink for the interior and it was was amazing because the color was so rich. I enjoyed sporting the handbag and it was definitely noticed by others. My family loved it and considered it a real work of art!

So if you are looking for an extraordinary handbag (or gift for a loved one), try Snaptotes - the picture perfect handbag!