Monday, July 2, 2007

Summertime Fun Part II

Here are a few more hot picks for the summer!

Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer lets your kids create cool art that the whole neighborhood can enjoy! The sprayer is easy to carry for kids 6 and up and allows them to paint two colors at once. When your child is finished (or you are tired of it) - simply wash it away with the water hose or wait for the next rain day. The sprayer comes with two 10-ounce bottles of washable sidewalk paint, an adjustable nozzle, carry handle and belt clip. It is available for purchase at the Crayola Store, Target and Toys-R-Us. ($14.99)

Remember the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker? This nostalgic toy lets children create cool treats to help them beat the heat. The Sno Cone maker comes with a metal ice shaver, one syrup bottle (the jolly snowman) one package of unsweetened soft drink mix, paper cups, scoop and instructions. It is recommended for children ages 4 and up and can be found at Toys-R-Us. ($14.99)

Have you heard of Floam®? It is a non-toxic material that is used to create arts & crafts. Your daughter can create some summer art with the Floam® Picture Frame Kit. The kit contains Floam®, picture frame components, and one floaming tool. ($9.99)

If you have a son, then Floam® Floambot Kit may be more his style. It is includes everything he needs to create a posable robot. The kit comes with non-toxic Floam®, a stand, and an idea booklet. ($9.99)

Does your toddler love bubbles? Brianna enjoys being outside playing with bubbles on the weekend. Our favorite is Gymboree's Bubble Ooodles. It has five bubble ports and makes oodles of bubbles with one easy blow. This set includes one easy-grip wand, a non-spill tray and four ounces of oodles bubble formula. Gymboree explains that Bubble Ooodles helps to develop your child's fine motor skills and cause and effect cognitive skills - which is always a wonderful thing! ($6)